Recent Updates

* Autumn did some hand modeling for the upcoming Weight Watchers Cookbook.  This is her fourth WW’s cookbook shoot.  Keep an eye out for her digits!

Autumn was featured in an October print issue of  ‘Women’s Wear Daily’ (WWD) aside her friend Marcus Samuelsson.  The two were photographed at the ‘Take Home A Nude’ auction and gala at Sotheby’s raising money for the New York Academy of Art.

* Autumn was cast as the female lead in Alan Jackson’s upcoming music video for his latest single.  The video was filmed at iconic Coney Island and was directed by the highly acclaimed Steven Goldmann who has won consecutive ‘CMT Director of the Year’ awards among being the creative mastermind behind many renowned film and TV projects.  The video will go straight to CMT and Alan Jackson’s youtube page.

* Autumn was featured in an  8 page editorial for Chic Magazine.   The  spread was inspired by various New Year’s Eve customs around the world.  The piece was shot by Raul Tovar and styled by the  high-end Misha Nicole boutique located on the Bowery.

* Exciting News!  The music video that Autumn stars in, ‘So You Don’t Have To Love Me Anymore,’ by Alan Jackson has been ranked number ONE in the country for 3 weeks now.  Check it out here or on CMT if you haven’t seen it yet. 

* Autumn portrayed a Soap Opera Actress on the upcoming TV show ‘Elementary.’  The new series is starring Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller.  Tune in to the first episode to catch Autumn in action.

* Autumn  an upcoming Lens Crafters ad campaign.   Keep an eye out for it!

* Autumn just shot an upcoming Bowlmor/Greenwich Village Country Club print campaign.   The series was shot by the wonderful Hector Sanchez.

* Autumn was voted Best Dressed at the Tribeca Ball on Huffington Post.   (Silly, yes, but fun!) This year, The New York Academy of Art was honoring Robert De Niro.  Autumn was also featured in various blogs such as StyleBistro and Radenroro.

*  “The Senator’s Daughter,” a film in which Autumn played the title character, received ‘Honorable Mention’ at the 2012 Los Angeles Movie Awards.  Likely to be the first of many awards and accolades. 

* Autumn just wrapped her principal role on a National commercial for a Bayer Probiotic featuring Erin Andrews.  Be on the lookout for that spot on a tele near you!

* Wrapped another principal role on a new national commercial campaign.  Details to come upon release!

* Autumn was cast as the female lead in an Independent Feature.  The film is a Sci-Fi/Psych Thriller sure to keep the audience on their toes.  Filming begins mid-December.  

* Autumn played the Bride and a bridesmaid for David’s Bridal.   The catalogue should be released soon.

* Autumn shot an upbeat and fun global print campaign for an item that’s really changing lives.   Full details to come upon release. 

* Autumn shot another book cover with the talented graphic designer/illustrator Don Sipley.

* Autumn shot a foraging-themed editorial in the Redwoods just outside of San Francisco with the very talented stylist Dorsey Blunt.  Photos are in editing phase and will be released soon.

* Autumn was cast as the lead’s girlfriend in an sketch comedy pilot written by one of the funniest fellas she knows, Ryan Shibley.  Filming takes place in mid-April.

* Autumn played the lead in a short film directed by Court Dunn.  The script is really fun and unique, and is currently in the editing room.  Updates to come!

* Autumn was cast as Judith and Judith (2 characters), leads in a short film written by Joe Latimore.  Filming will take place at the historic Musgrove Plantation on St. Simons Island, Georgia May 9th-13th. 

* Autumn is currently producing a short film here in Brooklyn, New York.  The script was co-written by Autumn and Bekah Carey, a costume, make up and wig designer.  Along with writing and producing credits, she  will also play Layne, one of the lead characters and direct most of the scenes.   The film will have a quirky ‘Flight of the Conchords’ vibe to it and will address the pressures of materialism and fitting in, as well as the magic of friendship, exuberance and self-expression.   The film will begin shooting in mid-May.

* Autumn was cast as an 80’s home VHS workout tape instructor for the upcoming MS MR music video directed by the duo BRTHR.  Video will be posted upon release!

*  Wow!!  Autumn did a little improv exercise with fellow actor Matt Flynn and filmmaker Court Dunn (Restless Films,) and  it went VIRAL!!  Their video, “A Relationship in 5 Minutes” received 178,00 views on YouTube overnight  has been featured on almost every major blog and website including Huffington Post, Gawker, Jezebel, Thought Calalog, Reddit, Buzzfeed,  UPROXX, and many many others.  It is now nearing the half-million mark.  Please check it out and share the love!!!

* Autumn spent two days hosting a show for a major music network on TV.  Details to be shared upon release.

* Autumn spent 5 days interviewing prominent health care specialists and published authors from around the country to help educate new mothers on infant care techniques.

* Autumn just wrapped a pilot titled Eat The Rabbit in which she plays  Celeste Cooper, a lead who is a young, master sommelier who is unstoppable in the New York City restaurant scene.  The show explores the infinite challenges the restaurant industry faces as a rising star chef hopes to open his first restaurant in New York-- the most difficult place to make it.  

* Autumn shot a principal role in an upcoming commercial alongside the amazing   Joey Slotnick and John E. Brady of Newsies.  It shall be posted once it’s on the tele.  : )

* Autumn was cast in the role of Marie in the upcoming rom-com “Sam,” written and directed by Nicholas Brooks.  Marie is the sassy assistant to Alexander Blondell played by Bryan Batt.

**  1 MILLION VIEWS AND COUTING!!  “A Relationship in 5 Minutes” has officially exploded on the internet.  Catch it now, if you haven’t already!

* Autumn starred in a short film by Restless Films about fateful moments in New York. Details to come upon release.

* Sang a few numbers alongside the wickedly talented Emily Kron at the iconic Metropolitan Room.  The house was packed and the show was a blast.   More cabaret performances to come in the coming months.

* Autumn shot a “Happy” video  (Happy In NYC Productions) with her friend and fellow co-dancer Captain Crunch.  The video was then featured on ABC in this segment.   Check it out!  : )

* Autumn spent a week in Italy/Slovenia shooting a beautiful commercial.  Details to come upon release.

* Autumn is currently filming a feature in New York.  She is playing Lily opposite the lovely Kerry Condon and Dominic Fumusa in the  film ‘Indifferent Women,’  written and directed by Charles Birns.

* Autumn shot a very rad editorial piece for a beautiful fashion magazine with the incredibly talented Pete Thompson.  Images will be on this site as soon as the magazine is published.   :)

* Autumn will be playing the role of  ‘Katie’ in the upcoming Indie Rom-Com “It Had To Be You” starring Cristin Milioti and Dan Soder.

* Autumn is currently developing a web-series with the charming and hilarious Emily Kron focusing on the uniqueness of female friendships.  Girls are so hot right now.  : )

  1. *Cast as the lead in the short film “Scent And Touch”  written and directed by Naveen Naidu.

  1. *Autumn will be joining the cast of  “2040,”  a hot new web series starring Arturo Castro (Broad City,)  Brendan Fitzgibbons, and Hailey Giles.  She’ll be playing the role of Kailey- a character in the movie based on Hailey.   Check out the recent Huffington Post Article along with the Pilot HERE!

* Shot a short film about 2 super heroes out on the town in New York.  Directed by Court Dunn of Restless Films (A Relationship in 5 Minutes, Girl Named Cinema) It gets pretty wacky, stay tuned!

* Autumn was cast as a lead in “Connection Unavailable” - a new web comedy about device addiction created by the super funny and spot-on David Ross.  She will be performing alongside Theo Stockman, Nathan Lee Graham, David Ross and many other genius actors.

*GALMANCE has been released to the world!!  Check it out HERE!

  1. *Autumn shot a commercial in beautiful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

* Currently shooting a new web-series inspired by Super Hero Tinder.   Co-created with Restless Films and Harry Azhar, Co-Starring the comedic geniuses James Manzello of The Neighborhood, Frank Angelini, Richard Templeton, Emily Kron, and many others-- we are excited to tell a tale of how impossible dating in the modern world a Superhero.  : ) 

  1. * Autumn is currently singing on a series of live music videos:  details to come soon!  : )

  1. *Autumn shot a second commercial in wonderful Pittsburgh, PA!  : )

  1. *Autumn booked a series of commercials and will be filming for 10 days in Barcelona, Spain and the surrounding area.  She is incredibly excited to soak up the Spanish sun and the vibrant country’s offerings.  The spots will be posted upon release! 

  1. * In the midst of a hectic pilot season, Autumn was cast as a concerned wife in a new, very funny and slightly provocative national commercial. 

  1. * Autumn will be playing the ‘Damsel In Distress,’ in the highly anticipated music video ‘Coincidance’ by the dynamic duo James Manzello and Matt Pavich of  ‘Handsome Dancer.‘   

  1. * GALMANCE: episode 2, ‘Mantras’  with Emily Kron is well on its way!  Be on the lookout for what is to be an absurdly good time, guaranteed.

  1. *Autumn is starring alongside the great James Manzello, Giulio Gallaroti and Alex Kikis in the latest Handsome Dancer sketch ‘The Photobomber,’ surely to delight you.

  1. * Just shot a National Commercial for a popular restaurant chain.  Soon to be on your TV!  Weee!

  1. * Co-starred in a comedy pilot alongside the wonderful Erin MacDonald.  Directed by Comedy Central’s Arthur L. Stein-Jones.